Schedules of Condition

ACTUA's expertise in compiling Schedules of Condition, promptly and accurately, allows our customers to eliminate the risk of expensive repair costs and mitigate disputes at the end of a lease.

A Schedule of Condition is a binding photographic record detailing the condition of a property used by landlords or tenants to limit future liability for repairs or to provide an accurate condition record prior to potentially disruptive construction works on neighbouring sites.

The most common requirement for a Schedule of Condition is at the commencement of a commercial lease, with a Tenant seeking to protect their interests and restrict dilapidations liability at the end of a lease.

Clients Testimonails

  • A fast and quality service... the Schedule of Condition was detailed, accurate and enabled us to get into our new space with peace of mind for the future.

    Graeme Thomas
    Timbercoaters Ltd